Friday, February 20, 2009

The Weather is Nice Today

The last four games I have previewed we have lost. So because I am superstitious I am just going to put the below quote from JT3 after the USF win and say no more. Additionally, the last time I went to a home game wearing pants and deodorant, we lost too. Well I guess tomorrow is gonna suck for the people sitting next to me.
"Hopefully we can get a little momentum from this, winning on the road and coming home. Our fans are great and we're going to need them."
I love it when he politely and indirectly tells me what to do. There are only two people that I listen to unconditionally. The first is JT3. The second is Billy Mays. JT3 gives me hope and Billy Mays gives me a variety of products to repair and clean my house. What more can an ol' fashioned country girl like myself ask for?

Good talk.

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T. Paine said...

While we're on the subject of "As Seen on TV" products, I figured the patriotic masses would like to know that momentum is gaining for the DC area Snuggie Pub Crawl: Sign up now, so you're not left out in the cold without a sleeved blanket.

Love Freedom,

T. Paine