Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game 27 - Villanova

Only one thing to say and it was astutely stated by T^3 as he sat on my couch nervously chewing on his red Burger King straw: Disgusting.

God was on our side in this one.

And Jay Wright was wearing purple.

Good talk.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for jinxing our loss and helping us win!! Every time I thought we'd lose I was like... but no... b to the 2nd power SAID we'd lose...

everyone knows those rules.

keep up the good work.

T^3 said...


At times during the game, my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy (although there was no vomit on my sweater). The difference between this game and others? Some big plays when we needed them (Wright layup, Freeman 2 rebounds).

Other thoughts:
1) I thought Nikita was on his way out of the starting lineup, but maybe not after his shooting ...
2) Summers and Monroe NOT getting in foul trouble? Essential.
3) Whatever happened to Monroe taking an occasional jumpshot to draw out their big man and open up the basket for some back door passes?

Yearning to be 40, and more of a man every day.


hi boliv said...

I don't care how ugly it was - I'll take it.

Loved seeing the replay of last year's phantom foul on JWall with .1 left - made me remember how even when we were good we still won in ridiculously questionable ways at times.